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Tayrona Capital (TC) was founded in 1970 with a collection of boutique hotels in South America, merging and complementing the entertainment industry with luxury hospitality by providing the best destinations and guest experience to the greatest productions in the cinematographic sphere.

Since 1999 Tayrona Capital (TC) is consolidated as a fully regulated financial institution within the main group of companies of Tayrona Capital Group Corporation (TCGC) the official manager of a Sovereign Wealth Funds’ Trust (which in turn is also the financier for the entire development, acquisition, and construction of all hotels, resorts, and destinations owned by the Group), endorsing to Tayrona Capital (TC) the selection of Real Estate projects that fulfill the following three initiatives: the implementation of sustainability, an increase of employment, and the promotion and creation of tourism destinations.

Tayrona Capital’s greater expansion across the world started in the 2000s offering its clients a new diversification in terms of property investment by combining Private Real Estate with Luxury Hospitality projects (Suites and Villas) from the world-class hotels’ destinations through the management of the Sagana brand, since then, Tayrona’s Capital’s presence covers more than 130 projects, 87 in construction and 45 in operation.

All these operations are supported under Tayrona Financial (TF), the financial arm of TCGC, as a financial institution regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and under a series of Parent and affiliated companies headquartered in Luxembourg, Monaco, Canada, and the UK.

What defines us

Tayrona Capital

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key industries that encompass Tayrona Capital’s core operational activities:

Real Estate Investment, the most important deposit of wealth in the world; the industry that represents 4 times worldwide GDP, and the Hospitality Industry, which even after the pandemic represents 5.5% of worldwide GDP.

More than


Real Estate—Hospitality projects
with occupancy rates over 86%.



billion in active investments,

affluent Real Estate property projects, and Luxury Hospitality Projects around the world.

Investment Opportunities

with Guaranteed Minimum rents, which percentage varies from 7% to 20% depending on the location of the project.



of an outstanding financial background and real estate track record in the industry.



were produced in Tayrona Capital’s properties