A world-class brand of the luxury collection of Hotels and Resorts, sited in the most acclaimed destinations, managing all the properties of Tayrona Capital and operating the Real-Estate-Hospitality investment program Privilege Hotel Ownership (PHO) and the service of Travel Concierge through the program Privilege Luxury Club (PLC).

The beginning of Sagana

Out of the worthwhile Tagalog language, derived from “taga-ilog” which means Settlers of the River; a milestone of blending of cultures was inherited, comprising ancestral Filipino and Spanish Catholic traditions, with influences from America and other parts of Asia, giving way to the Filipino interculturally. 

This continental evolution is aligned with the human-oriented, economic growth, and cross-cultural interchange vision of Tayrona Capital, adapting Sagana’s name, which evokes plentiful and luxuriant encompasses, as well as, is synonymous with glocal thinking, a mixture of cultures, traditions, experiences, and sensibilities; where there is a need to share everything, shorten distances, and design unique and unrepeatable experiences, becoming in every way our ideal, and basis of the principles of comfort, experience, quality service, authenticity, integrity, sumptuously, aesthetics, safety that guide our endeavor towards our collaborators, representatives, and especially towards every single visitor that bestows their trust upon us. 

Our essence is a true reflection of our roots in the endless loveliness of Southeast Asia, a land that became our first home, has given us the gift of the best hospitality known to the entire world, and that warmly welcomed our team of seasoned professionals, leading over 30 years of service and guest experience.

Sagana Hotels and Resorts starts a legacy to live up to its commitment to pleasing our select audience; stepping into their minds and hearts to find needs and desires that allow us to create value. Its mission is to transform feelings into actions, make the invisible visible, and develop a holistic way of thinking about the world we live in whilst safeguarding local cultures through its revolutionary guest experience offers. We believe that what you find fascinating today, tomorrow will no longer feel that way. For this reason, Sagana constantly innovates and strives to maintain the feeling of satisfaction through time, this has awarded us the name Settlers of Hospitality.

Sagana Hotels and Resorts, a sensory trademark that invites people to think, feel, and act differently by turning emotions into unforgettable memories.  

Sagana Key Takeaways


Environment & Hereditary Culture

  • Materials used for the building of the resorts strictly protect the environment that spreads over the destination
  • Destinations are created by evocating the environment of the location in which they are located
  • Sagana follows the strictest policies of respect to honor regional values and customs
  • The resorts offer exciting events, and resort staff members contribute their time and artistic talents to festivals and ceremonies with vibrant performances.

Well-being & Health

  • Sagana pioneers the concept of holistic, spiritual, mental, and physical harmony. Each of its destinations counts on sacred places specialized in offering total renewal, with modern first-class wellness center services and high standards of dedicated service in which each massage, wellness therapy, or treatment will lead you to become immersed in a feeling of enjoyment and relaxation, reconnecting you with the blessings of nature, and living a never-seen natural ritual! 

Exquisite & Experiential Cuisine

  • We work with the world’s best local chefs and suppliers to offer you meals inspired by your destination.
  • Our chefs have worked closely with local experts to consider flavor, design, and even the placement of tableware.​​​​​​​
  • Your health and well-being are our priority. That’s why we work with nutritionists and try to meet your dietary requirements.